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Mediterranean Weather Handbook -->
Author Roberto Ritossa
Edition 1st (2008)
Publisher Imray
ISBN 9781846230684
Dimensions 120 pages; 245x190mm
Features Paperback. Full colour.
Price TL - (VAT included)

Mediterranean Weather Handbook for Sailors is an indispensable reference providing a general understanding of the various phenomena concurring to determine weather in the Mediterranean, and provide useful forecasting aids. It is written for sailors, not meteorologists; theory is kept to a minimum, while every effort is made to provide clear interpretative tools that are helpful in understanding actual weather and in forecasting its likely future evolution. Roberto Ritossa is a meteorology expert and this handbook is a result of many years research on Mediterranean weather patterns. Contents List: Preface; Introduction; 1. Climatic and seasonal pattern overview; 2. Pressure features; 3. Winds; 4. Sea areas; Appendix How to get weather information; Wind roses; Dictionary of meteorological terms in four languages

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